Resource Allocation Policy

Academic Year 2014-2015

The Geospatial Analysis Laboratory (GAL) has been established at the Center for Research Computing
(CRC) in collaboration with the Environmental Change Initiative (ECI) and is located in office 211 at
Innovation Park. The GAL provides geospatial computing services for the Notre Dame community based
on the resource allocation policy set by the CRC. This document specifies mechanisms on how the GAL
provides geospatial services requested by faculty. Prior to requesting services it is advised to review this
document.Any questions related to this policy should be forwarded to GAL’s staff:

The GAL provides two kinds of services: Fair share (free to faculty and students) services and resources;
and re-charge services (paid services).

Examples of fair share resources and those provided in conjuction with the charge model are as follows:

Examples of no cost ‘fair share’ services and resources:

    1.  Use of GAL computers that are equipped with recent version of GIS, ENVI, and statistical software
    2.  Meeting and consulting about geospatial services and basic guidance to use GIS software and tools during GAL open office hours (Wednesday and Thursday 3-5pm) at the GAL for the ECI commmunity
    3. Basic guidance on GIS software and tools use to ND faculty, students and staff during drop inhours at Hesburgh library’s CDS center (Monday, Tuesday and Friday 3-5pm)
    4. Grant proposal writing and publication that involves geospatial components

Example re-charge services:

    1. Geospatial data collection (resource locating) and data formatting
    2. Analysis and visualization of spatial data
    3. Cartographic map production
    4. Interactive map design and development
    5. Research that involves application of geospatial tools
    6. Spatial statistics and raster image processing
    7. GIS data conversion and transformation

Any project that involves more than 10 hours of GAL services will be set up through a service level
agreement (SLA) between a principal investigator of the project and GAL/CRC. The SLA defines the
scope of work, time and fees estimate. The GAL follows hourly charging fees, which is approved by the
CRC every June for the next fiscal year. Please consult current rates with the GAL staff. GAL service
requests can be made either through CRC User Support (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by directly contacting
the GAL.
For further information about the GAL visit: