GIS Medieval Workshop 2013

  • January 25 and February 1
  • Presenters: Natalie K. Meyers and Rumana Reaz Arifin
  • Organized by: Hesburgh Library, Univeristy of Notre Dame

The GIS Medieval Workshop was conducted to provide knowledge and supporting resources to display data and images related to the Medieval period, and make maps. The workshop was focused for graduate students pursuing their PhD in medieval studies. Each student had a different study region, however an attempt was made to provide each student with possible GIS data sources of Medieval periods related to their study region. In two day-long sessions of the workshop, we went through an overview of GIS, processing GIS data related to Medieval studies, converting paper maps to digital format, digitizing &emdash adding point, line and polygon, custom symbology, and different techniques of map making and graphical representation. We provided hands-on sessions and tutorials with pictorial descriptions so that students could try the techniques on their own and be able to produce customized maps related to their study region.

medieval map